Making the most out of your listing

In order to make your listing on Face Of Film stand out you need to consider how you present your organisation, the kind of language you use, and what you want to help the reader achieve.

In order to make your listing on Face of Film stand out you need to consider how you present your organisation, the kind of language you use, and what you want to help the reader achieve. Below we’ve highlighted some of the areas where you can refine your listing to make it stand out and impress people looking at it for the first time:

Adding value to the reader

You want your reader to be able to go through your listing and feel that your organisation can help them achieve or overcome a certain obstacle. In that regard, your listing must be able to convey what your organisation does in as short a time possible, how it does it uniquely, and what the benefits are to people that buy your service. In your description you can mention awards received, people you’ve worked with, and include calls-to-action such as providing a discount code at the end of your description for people who sign up to your course, product or service.

Remember you can edit your listing throughout the year by making a request to your Account Manager.

Adding social icons / links

Include your social profiles and website links by sending over your social handles to our team during the application process. Give your potential customers additional places where they can discover more about you. If you don’t have an Instagram or Twitter profile set up for your company, you don’t need to have all these fields filled out.

Uploading gallery images

We recommend that you provide us with images at 600(w)x427(h) pixels so that they display clearly on your profile page and in the ‘Explore listings’ global map area. It’s essential that you make your images as high quality as possible so that people can get a good idea about your organisation in the first few seconds they land on your page. Your profile images will be the first thing potential prospects see so make sure they are crisp, well framed and tell a story without words that complement your organisation. They could include your product, locations, people that have attended your event and much more.

Featuring your best work

You can send us a video link (Youtube, Dailymotion or Vimeo) and embed this in your listing to showcase your work, latest movie trailer or general behind-the-scenes promo of your organisation. Videos increase the length of time people spend on your listing by up to 500%. Make sure at the end of your video that you create a call-to-action so that people will visit your company and get in contact with you.

Consistent promotion

Lastly, consistent promotion is essential in getting success with your listing. It can take between 5-17 exposures before your customer will make a purchase, so it’s important to regularly invite people to your listing at different times of the year. For organisations that want to create season discounts for their products/services, listings can be modified to include a call-to-action at the bottom of your description with a discount code.

Best of luck!