Request for Verification

Verified accounts on Face of Film are marked with a blue tick demonstrating notable organizations within the entertainment business that are in the public interest. These cover industry sectors including animation, casting, education, distribution and more.

Getting verified on FaceOfFilm

Organizations seeking verification can apply for a Verified Account by submitting a request to our verification team. The steps are as follows:

In order to qualify for a Verified Account, a representative of an organization must make an initial request and provide:

A link to their organization’s listing (or website if the listing is not active)
A link to the organization’s main social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
A short bio (no longer than two lines) describing what the organization does

Initial Verification requests can be sent to:

Once a verification request has been reviewed, if an organization qualifies for a Verified Account, Face of Film will provide further instructions on how to complete a request.

Completing Verification Request

Organizations will be required to submit the following:

A letterhead with the organization’s name and/or trademark number for the brand
3x high quality images of the organization to be included in the profile at 600×427 resolution. (This step can be ignored if a listing already has three images)
Incorporation documents / registered business name

(Please note: There is a fee associated with the Verification process for non-members. This is waived only for registered non-profits with valid registration numbers or for existing members who have previously subscribed.)