Clermont Ferrand Film Festival

By calling this place The jetty , in tribute to the emblematic film of Chris Marker , the association Sauve who can short film has reminded of the importance it gives to the cinematographic heritage and in particular to the memory of short film .

The activities of discovery, dissemination, assistance to creation and training conducted by the association, through the Festival, the Market, the Film Commission, the Pole of Education, could not exist without complementing each other. To support an assertive patrimonial mission. In spring 2000, the association opened a unique Documentation Center. This Center is part of the Clermont Communauté public reading network .

The Jetty Documentation Center is open to the general public in the conurbation, to students, researchers and programmers. They can come and consult the archives of the Festival, feature films, books, magazines about the seventh art, its trades and its history.
More than 100,000 short films visible on the La Jetée video server. Each year, the new films selected at the Festival, as well as the films entered in the Market and visible at the video library, are visible at the Documentation Center from March .

Hundreds of feature film DVDs , films to the program of the audiovisual sections of the tray, the films of the educational devices to the image framed by Sauve which can the short film. Works and directors from around the world to find or discover on site.

Many books on cinema, catalogs films of the international festival circuit, the journals French and foreign specialized,

Opening Hours Tuesday: 13h - 19h Saturday: 9h - 12h / 13h - 19h Sunday: 13h - 19h
Place Michel de l'Hospital 6
Clermont-Ferrand 63058 Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes FR
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