6 awesome ways to promote your Face of Film listing

Once you’ve got your listing up and running it’s time to start promoting it and sending it to your prospects or potential future clients.

Once you’ve got your listing up and running it’s time to start promoting it and sending it to your prospects or potential future clients. Below are some of the ways in which you can get your listing more visibility and some of the things you can do in each example so that the highest number of people will click on your link.

Forums/ comments

Using forums is a great way to get your listing talked about. There are community forums across the web from Reddit to Linkedin communities where you can target specific groups of people and enter conversations where you’ll be able to introduce your listing and talk more about what your company, organisation does. If you can contribute value to an existing conversation in these forums, this will also help you build rapport with the people on there, giving you the opportunity to present yourself, and your company in more detail.

Social Networks

It goes without saying that promoting your listing on a social network like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is a no-brainer but there are ways to do this to increase your viewership. On Facebook, you can insert your listing into community groups as well as pages to start discussions but a way to boost views is to tap into video algorithms. Facebook is very much becoming a video network and if you can create a small intro video about your company with a link to your listing, you’ll get much more organic traffic.

On Twitter, you can promote your listing URL in the bio of your profile or even directly to people by messaging them and sharing your company.

On Instagram, you can choose to place your listing URL in the bio area of your profile, or add it manually to photo uploads (although this is more time consuming and generally not recommended)

Linkedin is a great place to showcase your business. If you set up a business page you can use this to create content around your business and promote your listing. In your profile you also have the option to write blog posts which can be used to further generate demand for your business and send people to your listing.


Newsletters are a great way to promote your latest developments. If you’ve got a list of emails or a regular newsletter, create a news story or introduce your listing to people that might be interested in checking it out.

Email signatures

A subtle, yet powerful promotional tool is your email signature. Add your listing link below you name and contact information to give people an extra point of interest to check out your business. This will be especially useful if you currently don’t have a website, or want to use the listing as an alternative.

Press releases

Whenever you make company announcements, sometimes you’ll use a press release service or make an update on your main blog. By letting people know about your latest listing on Face of Film, you’ll be providing people with additional background information they might find helpful, and if you have a Verified Account, this will add a level of trust that your organisation has been independently verified by Face of Film.

Image descriptions

When you upload images to social networks and varios image sharing sites (Pinterest, Flickr), you have an option to include a URL link or description. Make use of this to add your listing to gain some extra traffic throughout the year.